One of the songs that is on my “Survivor Songs” playlist is Disappear by Jars of Clay.  For many years, I really did not understand this song and found it quite unnerving.  The thought of someone wanting to be so close truly terrified me.  Not to mention the fact that I truly could understand what others seemed to find so intriguing about me.

Then one day, it all hit me…there are two sides of me…the one that is on display, and the one that I hide.  Although I am very good at hiding, when others come close, they realize there is something more.  It is the fact that there are hidden things, mysteries, that draws them near and makes them want to know more.

What terrifies me about all of this?  The fact that the secrets that are so enticing are also dark and dangerous.  There is no beauty or magic hidden behind the mask, just mists that conceal snarling, venomous shadows…


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