I told…

I know that it does not mean very much in the scope of things, but a couple of weeks ago, I called DFCS and spoke with them regarding my grandfather.  It has been a long time since it all occurred, and the statute of limitations ran out long ago for me.  However, knowing that he has been confirmed to have molested two children (including myself) and attempted to molest another – I had to try to do something to alert others of the danger that this man poses to the world.

Even though DFCS cannot open a case on the information I have given them, I hope that they can keep it in their minds should his name ever come up.  Although I am sure he has never been pointed out in an investigation, I know that several children in his path have had open cases in the past.  As far as I know, none of those cases centered around sexual abuse – or had anything to do with him, but I am hoping that the information will be put to good use should any case be reopened in the future.

It is not much, but it is what I can do for now.  Anonymity is still necessary.  However, it felt good to finally say, “[This man] is a child molester. He has molested at least two children and attempted to molest another.  I know because he is my grandfather, and I was one of his victims.  Please, if you ever have a case involving family members of [this man], watch for signs of molestation.”

And yes, I said his name.  For the first time, I said “____ is a child molester,”  and I felt proud to be able to call him what he truly is without feeling shame.