Broken Silence…

My silence has been broken…my secret is undone.  Funny how scary that thought once was to me, but now it is actually comforting….

Recently, through a casual conversation, a family member learned of a family who is in contact with my grandfather.  There is a child, and terrified for their safety, my family member shared my story – asking that the family never, ever leave this child alone with him.

For so many years I have agonized over my silence.  My fear has always been that so many children are in danger because I have not told.  Yet, I never spoke out because the first time I ever told was over 10 years after it occurred.  I was afraid to press charges because I believed I would go through all the motions, only to end up with no results.  I did not want to accuse him publicly and then be called a liar because I didn’t tell when I was young.  With all the controversy over “repressed memories,” I felt it was better to make peace on my own than to seek a justice that would always be elusive.

I wish I could go back and fix it, but I can’t.  All I can hope is that, if my secret can be shared and the silence is broken, that one more child will be safe.