I believe…

Each and every day I choose to believe.  It is what keeps me going – it is my salvation.  Believing brings me hope and helps me to breathe again.  What I believe is not as important as the fact that I do.  Without belief – there is no hope, without hope – there is no joy, without joy – there is no life.

There was a very dark time in my life when I did not believe.  All hope was lost, and darkness closed in on every side.  I was drowning, and my lungs were burning for air. I was lost and I could not find my way out.  All I wanted to do was sit down in a corner somewhere and die.  That is all I could think to do.  It was the only thing that could end the emptiness that I felt inside.

Fortunately, I soon learned that we have a choice – live or die, lay down or fight.  Each and every day, we have the ability to make a difference – not only in our lives, but in the lives of others.  We can be the bringers of hope.  We can restore life.  In fighting the darkness in ourselves, we create light – a light that we can share.

For those who feel lonely – I cannot make your problems go away, but I can promise you that if you choose to believe, dare to hope, and stand in defiance against the darkness, life will find you, and you will never wish to let go again.


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