One week, and all is quite.  My father has not replied to my e-mail, which means he is either angry, did not receive it, or he refused to read beyond the first line.  There was a time, when no response would have left me waiting on pins and needles, wondering if I was a terrible child and if I would ever be able to fix the damage I had caused.  However, that no longer is a concern for me – I am confident that I am a good daughter, and I know that it is not my place to fix the broken mess that my family has become.

Earlier today, I told my mother about the e-mails, and my response.  She has always been very careful not to speak negatively about my father, and she was very reserved when I told her what I said.  However, she did agree that it was good that I had the chance to tell him how I feel – without having him interrupt me, tell me how wrong my feelings are, or just completely ignore what I think.

Ahhhh…..sweet peace.  How nice it is to know that, no matter what he thinks or feels about my response, he finally knows that I have concrete reasons for not wanting to communicate with him.


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