Why can’t they just leave me alone?!?!?!

I saw one of my abusers again today.  It just makes me sick how they think, because we are family, that we should just be so nice to each other.  They stole my innocence and act as though nothing is wrong.  I can’t stomach another, “How was your Thanksgiving? Did you go see your Dad?” or “Why don’t you come around anymore?  Family isn’t supposed to be like that.”

It makes me want to just punch in their saccharine sweet nose and scream, “You molested me!! What part of that makes you think I want to have anything to do with you?!?!?!?!  Why the heck do you think I can even stomach the sight of you, much less call you family?????  Don’t you realize that, when I see you, the only thing I care about is getting as far away from you as I can?”

But I don’t.  I just fake a smile, say a few nice words, and snarl when they walk away….


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