Anonymity….it is my saving grace sometimes.  In speaking from the shadows, I am free to say what I truly feel and to place the blame where it belongs.

For over ten years, I have been speaking out against abuse and my abusers from the safety of my screen name, Kylee Jones.  Sometimes I do wish I could throw caution to the wind and tell the world who I am.  Yet, deep down I know that survival is about finding a place where you are free and can reach out to other victims – which is where I am right now.

There are so many victims out there who are afraid to speak out for fear of being revictimized.  It is my hope that someone, somewhere can learn to be free by knowing that it is possible to speak out without anyone ever knowing who spoke. You can make a difference, and you can heal.

Sometimes I wonder if I should “go public,” but then I realize that I can make a difference just by being Kylee Jones.

Speak out & change the world….


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