A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Lao Tzu once said that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” How true I have found those words to be through out the years. Sometimes it is so hard for us to step out when we have no idea where the path will lead. We prefer the “safety” of what we know to the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Organza Shimmering by Kylee Jones“Taking that first step on the healing journey is always the hardest thing a survivor will ever have to do. It means that they will forsake all they know to seek the unknown. They will leave the comfort of familiarity – however abusive it may be – for an uncertain future, knowing that once they step out, they can never return. One can never know what they may find at the end of that thousand miles, but we each set out in hopes that it will be a better life – a life where we are free and the past is far behind.

All it takes is just one step to leave it all behind. It may seem hard at the time, but you will never regret the journey that follows.”

From: Organza Shimmering:Reflections in the Light, by Kylee Jones


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