It is amazing to me how quickly I deal with abuse issues now. In the beginning it was a very overwhelming, complicated process that seemed like it would never end. Now it only seems to take a day or two and my issue is resolved.

Not only this, but it now takes less support. Not that I do not need support on a continuing basis, everyone does. However, when I began it took all my friends and a therapist to get me through. Now I can work though most things with a small amount of direction from a friend or on my own.

All of this makes me feel good. It means I have made tremendous progress. The coping techniques I have learned help me to deal with my problems in a healthy manner, which is a great relief to me. Because it is so much easier now, I do not fear facing my issues as much. No longer do I have to worry that I will never again be ok. I can face each crisis with the understanding that life will be normal soon.


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